Thursday, April 1, 2010

No More Google?

Google has decided to rename itself. No more "Google," but "Topeka" instead.

The folks at Google Topeka are so full of themselves that they have actually created a page instructing us on what new verbs and spellings should replace "google".

Now we are to say "Topeka it" instead of "Google it."

Right. Ah ha ha ha ha ha.

"Topeka it" does not roll trippingly from the tongue, and I suspect that "Google it" will be around for a while yet. When it is replaced, common usage will be something less cumbersome than "Topeka it." Perhaps "Peke it" or something like that.

Studies have shown that the "oo" sound is attractive to the human ear, and I think Google has scrooed up.

As for our new marching orders, how can those people take themselves so seriously?

It is reminiscent of the press conference held a few years ago to announce that there would be no more "Kentucky Fried Chicken," only "KFC."

It's just fast food, guys, and nobody cared but you.

Update, a few minutes later: OK, they got me. It's April Fool's Day, and I'm one of the early fools. Ah ha ha ha ha ha.