Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Marylou - Part II: The Malevolent Closet

I reached out a hand for Marylou, who took it, smiled, and moved to me.

For the next hour or so, the setting was quite relaxed. On each sofa there was some kissing, some touching, some talking, the occasional low laughter, all in all a nice and quiet time. In our corner, the first kiss was very nice. The chemistry was there, we were in no hurry, and the kiss began just a little tentatively on both sides. Then came the feeling, "This is a perfect fit. This is how it should be."

Eventually, I asked her, "Shall I take you home?" You never can be quite certain how it's going to go at this point. She had arrived with Sandy, and some girls in similar circumstances would feel obligated to remain with each other for the evening, but with no hesitation Marylou said, "Yes."

We stood up and took the opportunity to have our first standing kiss, bodies full length against each other, and it was very nice - not intense, just comfortable. Well, maybe a little intense.

"Brad, Sandy, I'm going to drive Marylou home."

From Sandy: "Everything OK, Marylou?"

"Everything's great."

At this point I must confess that I don't remember what I did or didn't say to Brad. I know I only saw him once or twice more over the next several years. Brad, in case you're still out there and you see this and recognize the four of us, thanks, man. Thanks.

Marylou, it turned out, lived in a suburb south of Boston, only a half hour's drive from where we were. During the drive it was mostly quiet in the car, but it was a comfortable silence, not an awkward one. She sat close to me and we held hands.

We arrived at a two story house, and she told me that it was her parents' house and that she rented the upper story. All lights were out and we were quiet but not stealthy as we ascended the stairs. She turned one hallway light on, led me to a sofa in her living room, went away for a moment, and returned with two drinks. She turned a radio on, set the volume to about the same level we'd had at Brad's, and joined me on the couch.

We picked up where we had left off, and it was still very nice, perhaps even nicer. After a while, perhaps an hour or so, I decided that enough was enough. I stood up, bent down, and took her by the arm. She joined me in standing and I walked her over to the bedroom door and opened it.

It was a coat closet.

My Adam's apple and testicles exchanged places.

But Marylou was the pick of her litter, and she just took my hand and led me to her bedroom.



lass said...

Finally. Mary Lou learned much about you in that second - a man who would never ask for directions... Thank you for the long-waited second installment.

BrokenDownProgrammer said...

Ah ha ha ha ha ha. That's truly funny. But that weakness will resurface as a strength in the fourth Marylou post.

Years ago I saw a cap in a gas station that said, "Real Men Don't Ask Directions."

bonboncho said...

I thought the other guy's name was Brad :)