Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Special Yearbook

I occasionally joined some of my people in a coffee break in the company cafeteria. There would be eight or ten of us, typically, all gathered around one large table.

One day, not long after our area had conducted a "baby naming" contest for which everyone brought in a baby picture, we were gathered for coffee and discussing what kind of fun thing we might do next.

Someone suggested that everyone bring in their high school yearbooks. "Alas," said I," I don't *have* a high school yearbook. I dropped out after flunking every subject in the eleventh grade."

After a moment's thought, one of my managers suggested, "You could bring in your reform school yearbook."

I am now reminded of another such coffee break. I had a deal with everyone else. I would ask ten trivia questions during the break, and if they ever got all ten answers I would take everyone present to lunch. One day I asked "What was the name of the prison team in The Longest Yard?"

Everyone went into a huddle, and at last Peggy, the team's best hope, squeezed her eyes shut and said, "Ooo. I can *see* the scoreboard." The "reform school" manager mentioned above asked, "Well, what does it say?"

Peggy: "It says, 'Home.'"

And finally, for this post at least, the reform school manager capped off ten in a row one day by answering correctly the question "What is the motto at West Point?" ¹

¹ Duty, Honor, Country

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