Saturday, December 1, 2012


Several days ago it was my turn to cook the weekly dinner while visiting my old junk mail friend, Bobby. During that process he gave me a couple of plain metal covers to use for keeping things hot in bowls. They were of slightly different sizes and fit the bowls within a hair.

Donnie: "Boy these are handy covers. Just the right size."

Bobby: "They have them at Walmart. They're called 'universal covers.'"

I looked at those covers for a good five seconds before I said, "You asshole." They were *obviously* pot covers, but he had me for about two seconds.

That two seconds was enough for him and he fell apart, laughing one of those "I'm so pleased with myself" laughs.


Just Another Wannabe said...

Ah, that's funny! You know, they really do make universal covers for pans and pots now. I do now concede. You *do* know less about cooking than I do! Just made about 20 dozen cookies of which I won't eat one. Baking I *do* do. lol Without going back, how many times did I say "do" in this post?

Just Another Wannabe said...

And now on a re-read I see you were talking about covers for bowls. I reverse my concession. You do know more about cooking than I do. I crown you the winner!

BrokenDownProgrammer said...


When I read your first comment I had visions of buying one and showing my buddy the "Universal Cover" label and then force feeding the whole thing to him.

Life is a never ending series of small disappointments. Ah ha ha ha ha ha.

Dramlin said...

It'll never work -- he's bigger than you...
You completely lost me after the word "cooking". It's a practice of which I have heard but not one in which I currently indulge.